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Solvay – One Planet Goals 2023 Review

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As one of the global leaders in the chemicals industry, Solvay’s long-standing commitment and determination to sustainability is nothing short of remarkable. With a goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, Solvay is constantly searching for new ways to innovate and reinvent progress across its business and operational activities, and its One Planet initiative is helping the company do just that.

The One Planet programme was launched in 2020 and focuses on improving sustainability across three key pillars by 2030:

  • Climate (reducing environmental impact to tackle climate change)
  • Resources (using them responsibly)
  • Better life (improving quality of life for employees and the world as a whole)

Within these three pillars, Solvay has outlined ten measurable commitments that it’s striving to achieve within these next 6 years. We outline these measures below and discuss why these are important within the beauty industry. 

Solvay’s One Planet programme: Ten Measurable Commitments

Here are Solvay’s ten measurable commitments within its One Planet sustainability programme:


  1. Align greenhouse gas emissions with Paris Agreement (reduce by 30%)
  2. Phase out the use of coal (achieve 100%)
  3. Reduce pressure on biodiversity (reduce by 30%)


  1. Increase sustainable solutions (% of Group sales, achieve 65%)
  2. Increase circular economy (% of Group sales, more than double)
  3. Reduce non-recoverable industrial waste (reduce by 30%)
  4. Reduce intake of freshwater (reduce by 25%)

Better life

  1. Prioritise safety with a zero accident policy (Reportable Injuries and Illnesses Rate indicator, aim for zero)
  2. Embed diversity: % of women in mid- and senior-level management (achieve 50% by 2035)
  3. Embed equity (publication of gender pay gap in April 2022 and corrective measures in place for 951 people)
    And inclusion (high participation in the inaugural Global Employee Share Program with 28% participation rate)

Why are these goals important in the beauty industry?

Working collaboratively towards a more sustainable future is vital for every industry, especially the beauty care industry. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, and as such are switching to products that are not only great for the skin but are also sustainably sourced and use more natural, biodegradable and non-ecotoxic ingredients, less packaging and less water.  

This is exactly where Solvay can help; its experts are fully committed to helping formulators develop the very best sustainable beauty products that are great for the consumer and better protect the planet. Please get in touch with our technical team if you’d like to find out more about formulating with Solvay’s sustainable ingredients.

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