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Plantasens® Biogum Tara: A Natural Rheology Modifier

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New from Clariant and supplied by Chemlink Specialities, Plantasens® Biogum Tara is a versatile, easy-to-process natural thickener and texturizer for personal care applications.

plantasens biogum tara

This natural rheology modifier outperforms current green alternatives both in terms of thickening and texturizing effect. It has a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of 100%, complies with all major ecolabels like Cosmos or NaTrue, and comes from a highly attractive background in the Peruvian Andes. It offers:

  • higher performance with regard to viscosity building 
  • less sticky feeling on the skin due to lower use levels 
  • smoother textures of formulations 
  • non-stringy appearance during pick-up 
  • 100% RCI and ecolabel compatibility

Plantasens® Biogum Tara is directly obtained from the Tara Spinosa plant through mechanical processing. The biopolymer is based on mannose and galactose sugars, and is able to efficiently thicken aqueous formulations such as creams, lotions and many rinse-off products. 

Plantasens® Biogum Tara is delivered as an easy-to-use powder, which can be dispersed hot or cold in water. It is compatible with most emulsifiers and many surfactants. Due to its non-ionic nature it can be used also in formulations with high salt content. 

Get in touch with Chemlink Specialities to request a sample or to discuss using Plantasens® Biogum Tara in your formulations. 


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