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Chemlink Specialities – Runner Up in Laura Marshall Award

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Chemlink Specialities have been awarded ‘Runner Up’ for the Laura Marshall Award at SCS Formulate 2019. Our entry for 2019 was ‘For Goodness… Shake!’ – a remarkable concept with a strong eco-friendly focus.

Captain Norm the superhero pod

What Is ‘For Goodness… SHAKE!’?

Our 2019 Laura Marshall Award entry was a concept formulation called ‘For Goodness… SHAKE!’. This interactive concept has been perfected by Norman Lowe, our Group Senior Technical Manager, it has a particular focus on eco-friendly attributes, such as: plastic free, biodegradable, concentrated formulation, and low-energy formulation.

Designed and developed to help consumers align their personal care purchases with their own personal values, ‘For Goodness… SHAKE!’ is a modern take on personal care formulation. Products such as shampoo, conditioner, and moisturiser have remained largely unchanged in terms of delivery system since they became available in liquid forms.

But this standard delivery system may no longer be appropriate in today’s world. Bottles of liquid formulation are heavy, bulky and typically require plastic to be used as a container. All of these attributes are under consumer scrutiny at the moment, particularly the use of plastic – recyclable or otherwise. ‘For Goodness… SHAKE!’ is able to improve in all of these areas, as well as offering a novel and interactive solution.

Of course, plastic-free personal care isn’t new. Solid formulations have been popular with consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, for years now. However solid formulations in the often wet environment of the bathroom can prove problematic. So what’s great about this concept it that it utilises a familiar concept (pods for laundry and dishwashers) and encourages reusables in the home. Simply add another pod and tap water when your product runs out, and you have a home-made liquid formulation!

Here’s how ‘For Goodness… SHAKE!’ works.

step by step instructions on how to use For Goodness... Shake!


And here’s how ‘For Goodness… SHAKE!’ can help consumers help the environment.

Comic strip showing the ways For Goodness... Shake! is environmentally friendly

Runners Up For The Laura Marshall Award

We’d like to thank everyone who voted for our entry this time around. We thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating our concept and speaking with other technical minds on the challenges of formulation for eco credentials.

The winner for 2019 was Safic Alcan, whose formulation for a rehydratable solid face scrub was very popular. We’d like to congratulate them on their exciting formulation. In addition, we felt that all the 2019 entries were all exciting, innovative and we were pleased to see that eco-friendliness was a common theme running through all nominated formulations.


Looking For Plastic-Free Formulation Help?

Our team of innovative technical chemists, backed by our world-renowned suppliers, are ready to discuss your formulation challenges with you. Contact them now for a free consultation.

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