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What Is Methylisothiazolinone?

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Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) is a commonly used synthetic biocide and preservative and is found in personal care and industrial applications. It is a known allergen and this has resulted in the usage levels being reduced in Industrial applications and many cosmetic producers moving away from it in their products.

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Superior Descaling Without The Acid

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For many years, Chemlink have recommended a great acid replacement product called BJSi from Vitech International. While this is still a great acid replacement option for car cleaning and toilet cleaning, we wanted to show you what’s new in the acid replacement category.

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New miracle natural anti-aging ingredient, Leniphenol

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What is Leniphenol?

Leniphenol is a polyphenolic complex derived from FSC certified pine bark, lignin. Polyphenols are secondary metabolites made by plants and their purpose is to protect plants from UV and pathogens. A carefully balanced mixture of 3 of these polyphenols make up Leniphenol which can help protect the skin from pollution, UV rays, irritant products and ageing.

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