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UniBlue®, a Green Revolution in Hard Surface Disinfection

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At Chemlink, we are passionate about formulating with safe, environmentally-friendly ingredients. So we’re pleased to be able to share more information about an effective yet non-toxic disinfectant – UniBlue®.

February’s outbreak of equine influenza, resulting in the lockdown of 174 stables and the shutdown of race meetings across the country, reminded us that we live in a world where the need to fight infection chains is more relevant than ever. That’s where UniBlue® comes in – a universal disinfectant product that is safe on animals, our skin and the environment as well as being compliant with ECHA regulations.


What is UniBlue®?

UniBlue® is a revolutionary broad-spectrum safe, yet highly effective, disinfection product with a Simplified Authorisation (UK). It targets:

  • Bacteria – both gram positive and gram negative (including superbugs)
  • Viruses – both envelope and non-envelope (including polio, adeno, and norovirus)
  • Fungi – including yeast
  • Mycobacteria – including terrae, fortium, and much more
  • Spores – kills Clostridium difficile, and boosted* product kills Bacillus subtilis, and Bacillus cereus

As a universal disinfectant, UniBlue® replaces many conventional biocides. This new technology is based on natural organic acids, as used in the food industry.

Whilst being non-toxic, non-hazardous and safe on skin and the environment, nonetheless it has rapid, powerful, broad spectrum kill action.


Advantages of UniBlue®

Effectively breaking infection chains in most situations is about keeping surfaces clean and disinfected on a regular basis. UniBlue® can boast many powerful attributes that help fight this fight:

  • Versatile – EU-approved for healthcare (PT2), veterinary and farming (PT3), food industry (PT4) and retail
  • Not flammable and no transport/storage safety issues (as opposed to ethanol)
  • No aggressive chemicals (as opposed to ethanol, chlorine and peroxide)
  • Simple and easy to use – broad-spectrum product
  • Safe on skin, animals and environment
  • No need to wear gloves or PPE, handle as regular waste
  • Can be used in all environments – even by patients themselves
  • Non-toxic – no hazard warnings on MSDS
  • No endocrine disruptors
  • High efficacy – EN tested
  • Active removable, yet non-harmful residues (as opposed to Quats)
  • Does not develop multi-resistance
  • Non corrosive – can be used on delicate​ surfaces (as opposed to ethanol, chlorine and peroxide)


Applications of UniBlue®

UniBlue® is EU-approved for healthcare, veterinary and farming, food industry and retail, so the applications are varied. It can be used for hygiene tasks throughout the day on all kind of surfaces, including sensitive equipment.

Examples include:

  • Fixed panel equipment and other kinds of non-rinse/washable equipment (such as control panels)
  • Infusion pumps, stethoscopes, thermometers, BT-apparatus, nanometres, flow meters
  • Beds, nursing pillows etc.
  • Veterinary equipment and stable gear
  • Furniture surfaces that are not alcohol tolerant
  • Food preparation surfaces and equipment
  • Walls, floors and many other hard surfaces

The product comes as a fluid, in sizes according to need from 0.1kg to 1,000kg.

Get in touch with the Chemlink team if you’d like to use UniBlue® in your formulations, or if you’d simply like to find out more. We’d be happy to advise:

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