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Mirapol® Surf N from Solvay – A natural and biodegradable performance polymer

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The Mirapol® Surf series is an excellent range of naturally derived and biodegradable performance surface polymers from Solvay that are designed to boost the performance of many cleaning applications in the homecare industry.

This innovative range answers both consumer and regulator demands for effective biodegradable homecare ingredients that don’t compromise on long-lasting performance. The range makes cleaning quicker, easier, longer-lasting and much more convenient! Let’s take a look at Mirapol® Surf N in more detail.

How does Mirapol® Surf N work?

Derived from the guar plant, Mirapol® Surf N has a naturality index of over 90% and is categorised as ‘inherently ultimately biodegradable’ against Solvays beauty biodeg score chart based on the OECD guidelines ranging from A to D.

It has the ability to protect surfaces from soil adhesion and incrustation, therefore potentially extending the surface’s lifespan, as well as conveniently making the chore of cleaning easier and less frequently required.

It works on a range of modern surfaces (including plastics) by binding to the surface to create a protective hydrophilic barrier that, through water sheeting and soil repellence, brings a range of incredible benefits, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

What are the key benefits of Mirapol® Surf N?

Mirapol® Surf N provides a range of outstanding benefits for hard surface cleaning applications. These benefits include:

  • Reduces surface drying time
  • Makes surfaces shinier, with residue-free, anti-fog and anti-streak properties
  • Efficient at low dosages
  • Protects surfaces from re-soiling and is resistant to rinsing, making surfaces easier to clean and keeping them cleaner for longer

The images below gives you a visual guide on how using Mirapol® Surf N in your applications can compare with a standard commercial cleaner on different plastic surfaces:

Spotless cleaning


Easy cleaning

Fast drying

What surfaces can Mirapol® Surf N be used on?

Mirapol® Surf N can be used on many modern surfaces including ceramic tiles, stainless steel, glass, painted metals and plastic. 

Formulating with Mirapol® Surf N

As always, if you’d like personal formulation advice and recommendations or you’d like further information regarding the Mirapol® Surf range, including their recommended dosage levels and pH levels and their suitability for different surfaces, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our technical team will guide you through everything you need to know and can provide samples if requested. You can contact us via telephone or email – visit our webpage for details.

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