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Mackadet® OPR-2: a fully biodegradable opacifier made from renewable ingredients

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Mackadet® OPR-2 is a bio-based opacifier that offers a fantastic alternative to synthetic acrylate-based ingredients. It is made from renewable ingredients, fully biodegradable and comes as a cold processable concentrate.

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About Mackadet OPR-2

Mackadet® OPR-2 is a naturally derived opacifier with an RCI of 90%. It is easy to formulate with and suitable for sulfate-free formulations, providing a rich and creamy appearance.

  • INCI Name: Cocamidopropylbetaine, Glycol distearate, Sodium Benzoate
  • Appearance: White liquid
  • Compatible between pH 2 and 10
  • Versatile solution: can be added at any step in the formulation
  • Active content %: 42.0 –45.0
  • No need to add rheological agent if RV viscosity is above 3000cps

Mackadet® OPR-2 is cold processable, offering a much better whitening performance than standard synthetic acrylates, and it vastly improves the colour of dyes – helping you reduce the amount of dye needed in your formulations.

The morphology of Mackadet® OPR-2 is different from a pearlescent agent, making it a more effective opacifier:

mackadet vs pearliser

It also allows for more vibrant colours:

mackadet vs pearliser

Technical Information & Samples

We’d be happy to send you a full presentation, technical data, and example body wash and shampoo formulations using Mackadet® OPR-2, or discuss samples and pricing with you. Simply get in touch using the form below or contact your Chemlink Specialities representative.

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